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Nice back with the swords!

Thank you!


license to use? videogame commercial?


You can use and modify graphics sets for commercial and non-commercial projects, unlimited number of projects and time.

Resale of sets is prohibited

I hope my answer helped you, if you have any questions feel free to write :)

Hey, are you aware that your resources are on this website?
Just wanted to make sure you gave permission.

Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it!

Yes, they bought a license :)

Awesome! I love your stuff, glad it's getting more exposure!

I hope they paid well for the license. I wish they would give credit to the artists by name. I originally found (and acquired) these on craftpix, then came across them on cartoonsmart and discovered your name. As far as pixel art icons go, yours stand out in style and being complete. I really want to use them just having trouble deciding on characters and environments that fit the style the best. 

Thank you, I'm glad you liked the icons :)

Regarding the style of characters and environments, I would recommend a minimalist style with outline. For greater consistency, you can recolor all the graphics under one palette. I think it would be easier to recolor the icons.

I hope my answer helped you. Just in case, here is the palette I use:

Thank you for sharing them!


You're welcome! :)

This is absolutely fantastic, thank you so much! :D

That's impressively good timing - how did you know I was looking for a free weapon pack to try out?!


Glad you liked it!
I guess it's fate :D